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B2B Paranormal was created to help people with needs in the paranormal. We are real life investigators (not your Hollywood drama) and want to not only help you understand the paranormal, but to let you know what you are dealing with in your home or business.
I have not been on here recently to update the site and i want to apoligize. I am currently a full time college student and had taken a break from some of the paranormal things in my life to get my career started in being a student after being away from school for so many years. Over the past couple monthys we have had some events at Brownella Cottage with our workshops, conventions, as well as radio interviews in our local station for Halloween.I will be posting some of the evidence fron the last few events at Brownella Cottage for everyone to view, and for those who attended the event to see what we captured in the form of evp's from those events. The Halloween events will be posted by saturday Nov.10th, and i am working on the final investigation of the year. We are now open to doing investigations in homes and other private places as well now. I just want to say thank you for everyone whoi has continued to follow us on facebook and who has supported the team. We have alot of great things in store for 2013.

The new evidence from Brownella Halloween event is up on the evidence page for4 those who want to view it, or who had attended and want to see what we captured. 

We will be adding our current investigations to the upcoming investigations page of the website.
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